About Us

CEEF is a unit of ELK Education Consultants Private Limited, started in 2009. At CEEF (Corporate Ethics and Essentials of Finance) YOU are THE FOCUS. YOU have gained textual knowledge through the management course that YOU are pursuing or YOU have already pursued but application of the same is pending and CEEF prepares YOU to face this challenge with much ease. Communication, Presentation and Adaptation to work culture are key elements of a successful career. Finishing school is the need when YOU are right there at doorstep to start first step towards your professional life.

YOU are Important and this needs to be understood by YOU.

CEEF is Finishing School for MBA candidates that train them to communicate, write, and behave in required manner at an office place. Knowledge of computers – be it giving finishing touch to soft skills i.e. MS office training, training on preparing presentations or providing knowledge about computer and networks hardware. CEEF does it all.

CEEF is about Ability Training by developing employability of a candidate that has come out as a fresh graduate after MBA. CEEF teaches on body language, guides on interview skills and most importantly helps a candidate to develop the required attitude for success in professional world. Many of the MBA graduates are not from Science background and CEEF fills this gap as well by providing basic training in Science and Maths, so that be it basics of any sphere – general knowledge is already imparted to candidates of MBA schools.

Apart from getting this finishing touch it is equally important to have grooming on presenting oneself in Resume. Resume Development holds an important position that reflects face of YOU in front of recruiters. Job prospects are increased for candidates taking such a finishing after good theoretical knowledge on the core subject. CEEF also enhances your knowledge on accounting rules and provides tax related information by making YOU able in a shorter period of time.

CEEF has helped several candidates to clear their job interviews just by providing them right kind of mental approach and finishing touch and it has been observed through a survey that about 83% of the candidates have got hired in first two interviews that they attended.

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Our Focus

  • Professional Development We ensure that our consultation programs improve your professional skills such as collaboration, leadership, mentoring and project management. All these skills once developed would lead to your overall professional development.
  • Personal Development Our programs would not help you only in developing the required professional skills but also focus on your personal development as an individual. Self-learning, self-resilient, and critical thinking are the key skills we focus on.
  • Communication Skills We aim to develop and enhance your communication skills. We work on your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills that are required to work efficiently in any organisation.
  • Behavioral Skills We work to instill the behavioral skills such as analytical thinking, communication, decision-making, leadership qualities, and interaction with colleagues which would help you landing up to a job.