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CEEF - finishing school provides YOU an opportunity to increase your chances of getting NOTICED by providing following programs on Offer.

Program 1

In this program , personalised training at campus is provided for grooming you for a better future.

Training would include following:


MBA is not just restricted to presentations and attending seminars.

An effective communication for expressing oneself verbally and in written form is an extremely important trait to develop before YOU land up in corporate world. A finishing school gets YOU there & imparts training to MBA students to improve on their communication. CEEF has a courseware & training that helps YOU to inculcate effectiveness while YOU talk & write and most importantly listen. This holds true because it is rightly said that till YOU don’t develop capability to listen YOU cannot communicate successfully.

Email Writing

Writing in right tone and mannerism helps YOU gain significance in what is YOU intend to communicate.

Written communication is an explicit way to fix and delegate responsibilities which might go unnoticed if notified through oral communication. Email writing skills are developed in a dedicated manner at this finishing school. CEEF helps YOU develop this innovative activity of mind called “written communication” in the form of Emails.

Workplace Culture

Workplace Culture can be easily explained as Work Environment.

Adaptation of workplace culture is utmost important to have peace of mind and work effectively. There are work processes and work relationships and managing both in right manner is a vital characteristic that an MBA needs to develop. CEEF helps YOU to adapt and adjust in organization’s values, beliefs, attitudes and behavior as shared by all at an office so that employers recognize YOU as a responsible and sensible candidate.

Banking Process

Whether YOU are a marketing post graduate or an Operations research management graduate,

basics of banking processes is expected as a basic knowledge that YOU should have. Finishing school polishes YOU banking skills so that even if it is not your main stream, YOU would not have to look upon others to follow basics.

Legal Knowledge

Do not limit yourself to curriculum and communication, law as a part of business

world is very important for YOU to know. To know your rights and duties is an activity to carry out, but to exercise your rights without anyone’s interference at work place is easier when YOU have legal knowledge.

MS Office Training

Offices with modernization nowadays seek candidates who have strong base of MS Office.

At CEEF, YOU would be polished on your basic requirement skills of operating MS Word, MS Office and MS Powerpoint. These are three most important tools to work in an organization and use of right tool helps YOU to refer & communicate effectively.

Presentation Skills

YOU are just out of the classroom and would be facing the new challenges and work environment.

YOU would be expected to present as per your work profile and at CEEF we make YOU excel in presentation skills. This would help YOU to gain confidence and be one step ahead of others when it comes to facing a competition, target or work challenge.

Interacting with clients

Interaction with clients is very important in order to tackle situations

that might not be pleasant for an organization who offers various services and products. This is required to avoid disagreements and to communicate about company’s products & services. There are various ways to interact with customers and at finishing school prospective employees will be taught to solve problems effectively through development of their skills and patience.

Computer & Networks Hardware knowledge

Being an MBA graduate, YOU are expected to be masters in everything.

Hence, in order to provide YOU additional benefit over other MBA graduates, finishing school at CEEF YOU will be given basic knowledge on computers and networks hardware.

Attitude and Body Language

Process of communicating without words is body language, thus, body language and right attitude

to enhance positivity in work environment is an essential requirement of prospective employee. Reading body language of person YOU are interacting with, maintaining eye contact and concentrating on hand gestures and facial expressions gives YOU an edge over others.

Tax Related Information

Basics of taxation and personal finance is a training provided to MBA passed out

candidates so that they do not look new to business environment and understand vital jargons used by experienced professionals around.

Interview Skills

At finishing school a candidate is taught to attend an interview and also to be an interviewer.

This is an important trait for a newly joined professional to succeed and have a lasting impression on interviewer’s mind and forward looking ahead in his career YOU should be able to assess candidates as well in order to grow your business and develop human capital.

Resume Development

Resume is a face of any candidate’s knowledge and skills set. Drafting a resume is important

and it is something similar to market yourself in an effective manner so that the best company hires YOU. After MBA, a finishing school – CEEF helps to have an access to this tool as well.

Basic Concepts of Maths and Science Training

Since childhood, Maths and Science have been subjects of vital significance and has been problem

solvers and mind jugglers for many. At CEEF, basics of both the subjects are polished or rather revised for YOU to succeed in your future assignments with an organization, so that YOU do not lag behind amongst any stream of students.

Accounting rules

For many accounting is nothing but Debit and Credit. At CEEF, fundamentals of

accounting and accounting rules are brushed up to match YOU up there at an employer’s work place.

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