What is A Finishing School

It is very important for YOU to face challenges in today’s business environment with confidence. CEEF-a finishing school for MBA graduates would help YOU in becoming competent and employable. It is not just essential to get a job; entrepreneurs also need to fit in the professional world to gain success & profits in their businesses. Grooming in order to meet expectations of work place is an equal requirement as domain knowledge. Enhancing soft skills at finishing school will help YOU in gaining personality traits that interviewers would want in their prospective candidate who is a fresh MBA graduate.

Need of the hour says that Industry is in requirement of a MBA graduate that has been trained from an excellent and experienced finishing school so that they don’t need to invest again in that individual to gain intellectually in order to accommodate himself in the office atmosphere. Be it communication skills, fluency in language, crisis management, creativity & innovative thinking ability required at work, team working skills or basic technical knowledge, CEEF has it all. YOU will be industry-ready to excel out there without any hesitation and with right kind of attitude needed for adapting oneself in work culture. CEEF acts as a finishing school for spoken and written communication, corporate etiquettes, social manners, lateral thinking, team management skills, etc. and all other skills that are extremely essential for a MBA pass-out.

CEEF believes in “first impression is the last impression” – a phrase that YOU must have heard several times but is not easy to make it happen. At this finishing school YOU will enhance and inculcate characteristics in your persona that will leave an impactful first impression in your prospective employer’s mind. YOU will shine out as a confident, cultured, polite and intellectual individual who would fit in perfectly in the frame of a “professional”.

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Our Focus

  • Intensive Training Finishing schools incorporate the intensive training sessions during which all the aspects of your personality and professional development are taken care of.
  • Custom Support At finishing schools, you can rest assured of the 24x7 customer support. The coaches give you the personalised training for professional and personal development.
  • Commitment Finishing schools stay committed to their core values and overall development of MBA graduates that would land them to the better jobs.
  • Guarantee Finishing schools offer you the guarantee which many traditional business schools are unable to give despite offering the proper MBA regular degrees.