Job Prospects

There are plenty of offers that students get after they attain their MBA degree, but only some of them are able to convert the calls. Companies are looking for employees who are best, brightest and all- rounders. To become one, it is necessary that you take grab this opportunity of finishing school and enrol yourself in CEEF. It gives you a glimpse of your strengths and weaknesses and a clear idea about the sector that you want to work for. 

The theoretical knowledge that your gain sitting in your classrooms is no more sufficient. The key aspects that this finishing school works on such as body language, time management, communication, creativity, presentation skills will make you industry ready and help you to land up jobs in your domain whether it be Marketing, Finance, Operations, Human Resource or Technology.

It is a solid return on investment and is a powerful crowed differentiator. There have been incidents where recruiters who were once not-so-impressed with the candidates recruited them after their tenure with CEEF. It was because they then liked their ability to handle complex situations, be nimble and adapt & understand work culture. They also appreciated that the candidates could provide a fresh perspective and come up with innovative solutions to business problems after the course.

CEEF helps YOU in different areas but most importantly it will make your resume stand out so that YOU can find your niche.

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