Psychometric Assessment

Psychometric test is a scientific method used to measure the attitude and behaviour of a person so that the result helps to find out the suitable courses which will help them to excel in their future endeavours. The instrument used for assessment is Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behaviour (FIRO-B). This tool provides a score that is is used to estimate how comfortable a person is with a specific behaviour.


It measures interpersonal needs that includes three main areas. They are: Inclusion, Control and Affection. In other words, this will measure the amount of interaction a person requires in the area of leadership, socializing and other relations.

CEEF will then gauge the areas in which an MBA student requires some help and build a customized package. This will assist them to prepare and improve. This instrument will give you an easy way to grasp knowledge about an individual’s preferences. This information that is gained is invaluable as it places you one step nearer to your dream job.

  • Why is FIBRO-B testing used by CEEF?
  • Most simple to read and understand 
  • Variety of uses 
  • High validity
  • Correlation with other instruments
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What Psychometric Assessment Involves?

  • Aptitude Assessment Through aptitude tests, we get to know about all your major and minor areas of improvement.
  • Value-Based Assessment Through value-based assessment, we explore your skills, behavior, and abilities that are required at a workplace.
  • Competency-Based Assessment Based on your area of specialization, we evaluate your competency for the apt job through competency-based assessment.
  • Ability Assessment In the ability assessment, we keep a check on your verbal, writing, logical, and critical thinking so to improve the same.